Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 29: Form Specifications

29.010 Reproducing DMV Forms

Chapter 29 Form Specifications

29.000 Forms Policy

All reproduced forms must contain the same information as the original, be legible, and match the original form.

It is your responsibility to check with the DMV regarding the latest revision of the form.

The following must be reproduced exactly:

  • Size of the finished form.
  • Format (precise placement of text, graphics, and margins).
  • Content (latest revision).
  • Number of pages or sides.
  • Overall legibility must be equivalent or better.
  • Typeset font size.
  • Type face (Helvetica or equivalent).
  • Paper weight and color of paper and ink.
  • Form number and revision date.
  • One-fourth (1/4) inch blank margin on all sides of the form.
  • Necessary indices or markings for microfilm processing.

Prior approval from FAIS is suggested before reproducing DMV forms. FAIS can be contacted at (916) 657-7836.

You may not reproduce the following:

  • The DMV logo.
  • The California State Seal.
  • Any reference to the Office of State Publishing (OSP) or a 7-digit number at the bottom right hand corner of the form.
  • Bar-coding.

If the form is photocopied, the items mentioned above do not need to be removed. The photocopy must be the exact size of the form and must be legible.