Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 18: Lien Sales – Abandoned – Abated Vehicles

18.015 Cost to Conduct a Lien Sale (CCC §3074 and CH&NC §507.5)

Once a lienholder has requested the names and addresses of all persons having an interest in the vehicle from the DMV, a lien sale preparation fee may be charged.

  • The fee may not exceed $70 for vehicles valued at $4,000 or less or $100 for vehicles valued over $4,000 or from a self-service storage facility.
  • This fee becomes part of the possessory lien, however, only half of this fee can be charged if the vehicle is redeemed before the lien sale notifications have been mailed.
  • This fee cannot be charged if the vehicle is redeemed within 72 hours of its initial storage.

The cost of processing a lien sale cannot exceed:

  • $100 for a vessel only.
  • $125 for a vessel and trailer.