Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 15: Off-Highway Vehicles

15.105 Operation of an OHV on the Highway (VC §38025)

Motor vehicles identified as OHVs may be operated or driven upon a highway only as follows:

  • On a two-lane highway only to cross the highway which is closed to motor vehicles subject to registration commencing with VC §4000.
  • Only to cross at designated places on highways with more than two lanes.
  • Towed (not driven) upon a highway, if it displays an OHV identification (ID) plate.
  • Motorcycles may be pushed upon a highway if they have a valid OHV ID plate displayed upon them.
  • Racing or competitive motorcycles displaying a Motorcycle Transportation Permit may be transported upon a highway to and from racing events on a closed course.

An OHV must have OHV ID, regular vehicle registration, or a Motorcycle Transportation Permit in order to be transported on the highway.