Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 11: Transfers

11.160 Stolen or Embezzled Vehicles (VC §4605 and CRTC §10858)

Registration fees and penalties on stolen or embezzled vehicles may be waived in specific instances.

Fees and/or penalties do not accrue as a result of the operation of a stolen or embezzled vehicle if the owner or legal owner (lienholder) completes the appropriate documents. Fees become due upon first operation of the vehicle after the date of recovery.

Exception: Fees and penalties are due if the owner operated the vehicle after the registration expiration date and prior to the date of theft or embezzlement.

Transfer Only on Unrecovered Stolen or Embezzled Used Vehicles—In addition to the procedures listed in the Basic Transfer Requirements section in this chapter, the applicant must submit:

  • A Statement of Facts (REG 256) form completed by the owner requesting transfer only. The owner can be an individual, dealer, financial institution, or insurance company.
  • A Miscellaneous Statements (REG 256A) with the Stolen or Embezzled Vehicle Certification completed by the owner.
  • A transfer fee and any other fees due.

Note: A Certificate of Non-Operation/Planned Non-Operation Certification (REG 102) form is not required for an unrecovered stolen vehicle. A Salvage Certificate is not issued for an unrecovered stolen vehicle.