Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 25: Permits and Decals

25.065 Temporary Permit for Privately-Owned School Bus (REG 473) (VC §9102.5)

A privately-owned school bus (PSB) may be issued a REG 473, in addition to the PSB registration, for bus operation that would otherwise cause regular registration fees to be due. Issuance of the REG 473 does not affect the PSB registration; it remains valid until the end of the registration year.

The REG 473 must be obtained prior to any commercial operation, or the school bus becomes subject to regular commercial registration, in which case, fees (or fees and penalties) are due for a full 12-month registration year from the date fees became due.

The following must be submitted:

  • A completed School Bus Registration or Permit Application (REG 123) form.
  • A weight certificate, if the weight is not shown on the registration card and the vehicle weighs less than 10,001 pounds. If the vehicle weighs more than 10,000 pounds, the estimated unladen weight is required and may be shown on a Statement of Facts (REG 256) form.
  • A Declaration of Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)/Combined Gross Vehicle Weight pounds or more unladen.
  • A weight fee, if the vehicle will be used to transport persons or property for compensation or profit.
  • The permit fee. Refer to Appendix 1F for fees.