Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 22: Corrections and Adjustments

22.055 Incorrect License Plates and/or Year Sticker Issued

Procedures if incorrect license plates were issued:

If the
The Procedures Below Must Be Followed
Error is on an application still in the office
• Line through the incorrect license plate/sticker numbers and write “Wrong Plates Issued” on the DMV file copy.
• Recycle the license plates and destroy the sticker.
• Issue the correct license plates/stickers and process as a clearing item.
• Mail the new registration card, license plates, and stickers to the vehicle owner with a License Plate Correction (FO 37) form showing the office name and address.
Owner received a letter from DMV headquarters requesting surrender of the license plates
• Pick up the license plates.
• Indicate the number of license plates and year sticker surrendered on the owner’s letter.
• Issue new license plates and stickers if all the letter’s requirements are satisfied.

If an incorrect sticker was issued, do not attach the incorrect sticker the corrected item. The incorrect sticker should be destroyed (Refer to the Accounting Manual).