Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 7: Miscellaneous Originals

7.005 Autoettes

DMV will register “autoettes.” An autoette is defined as a vehicle with:

  • Three or more wheels in contact with the ground.
  • Unladen weight of not greater than 1,800 pounds.
  • Overall length of not more than 130 inches including front and rear bumpers.
  • A width of not more than 55 inches, as measured from its widest part.

The vehicle must be located on a natural island (City of Avalon) to be registered. The registration requirements are the same as the original or nonresident requirements for other motor vehicles. Once the vehicle is registered, if it is removed from the island, the owner(s) is required to remove and surrender the license plates to DMV.

 The  body type model (BTM) must be keyed “VA” for varied or, “GC” for golf cart, as appropriate.

Advise the applicant if the registered autoette is removed from Catalina Island, the vehicle owner(s) must remove and surrender the license plates to the DMV.