Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 1: General Registration Information

1.065 Signature by Relative of Military Owner (VC §1651)

Leased vehicle registration application requirements are:

• The names of both the lessor and the lessee must be shown. The lessor is required to provide the lessee’s name and address.

• The vehicle must be located in California to be registered here. The lessee’s address must be in California if the lessor’s address is not. An application with a lessee’s address in another state or country is not acceptable.

• The lessor’s name is followed by LSR and the lessee’s name is followed by LSE. The names are not joined by “and” or “or”.

Example: Jay Street Leasing, LSR
                 John Doe, LSE

• The lessor is the registered owner and must sign the application as such. The lessee’s signature is optional.

A repossession fee is not due for a leased vehicle repossessed by the lessor and then leased to another lessee.