Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 23: Bonds and Certifications

23.040 Salvage Vehicles

A motor vehicle bond must be used when a regular title is not available for a vehicle reported sold as salvage. The bond amount must be for the amount of the payoff to the insured plus the amount paid by the salvage buyer. (CVC §11515)

Example: If the payoff to the insured is $2,100, and the amount paid by the salvage buyer is $300, the amount of the bond must be $2,400.

A motor vehicle bond is not required if an acceptable Unobtainable Title Certification for Issuance of Salvage/Nonrepairable Certificate (REG 492) form is submitted by an insurance company in place of evidence of ownership documents.

Do not return the application on a report of deposit of fees (RDF) to request a motor vehicle bond, a lien satisfied (when there is a lien holder on record), or an out-of-state title (if the vehicle was titled in another state).