Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 26: Refunds

26.040 Refunds on Unrecovered Stolen Vehicles (VC §42231)

Use the following guidelines to determine if a refund may be requested for a stolen vehicle:

If the Owner
And the Vehicle Is
Then the Owner
Already paid the renewal fees for the upcoming year
Stolen prior to the registration expiration date
May apply for a refund.
The following must be submitted:
• A complete Application for Refund (ADM 399) form.
• The registration card and unused sticker. The procedures below must be followed:
• Forward the refund request with the registration card and sticker to the appropriate Registration Processing Unit (RPU) at DMV headquarters.
Paid the renewal fees on the vehicle
One of the following:
• Stolen after the fees became due
• Unrecovered for 60 days or more
• Declared a “total loss” REFERENCE:
CCR §§155.00- 155.10
May apply for a prorated vehicle license fee (VLF) refund (CRTC §10902(d)).
The requirements are:
• A Department of Justice (DOJ) stop must be on the vehicle record or the refund application must include a copy of the vehicle theft report.
• The stolen vehicle must be registered to the owner of the salvage value (usually the insurance company) in accordance with VC §5902.
• At least one full month of “unused” registration from the date of loss must be remaining and the amount to be refunded must be at least $1 after DMV’s administrative fee is deducted.

When a prorated VLF refund is appropriate, the following must be submitted:

If the vehicle is an unrecovered total loss and:

The Applicant Is
The Procedures Below Must Be Followed
The owner of record
Clear the REG 65 application.
Not the owner of record
• Return the REG 65.
• Request the documents required to transfer ownership on a report of deposit of fees (RDF).

A prorated refund is not appropriate or allowed for a vehicle exempt from payment of VLF. Example: A vehicle registered to a disabled veteran or nonresident military owner.