Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 25: Permits and Decals

25.030 Nonresident Commercial Vehicle Trip Permit (REG 41)(VC §4004, 9260)

A REG 41 may be issued (for a fee) Vehicle Registration Permits – California DMV for a commercial vehicle meeting the registration requirements of a state with which California has a vehicle licensing reciprocity agreement, if it will be operated in such a way as to otherwise require California registration.

The REG 41:

  • Is completed and dated by the operator prior to use.
  • Is valid for 4 consecutive days, starting on the day of first use and 3 consecutive days thereafter.
  • Allows the vehicle to be operated laden on an interstate or intrastate basis, provided it is obtained and completed prior to any operation of the vehicle requiring payment of California fees.
  • Is a two-part form and may be purchased in volume. The original (permit) copy must be carried in a receptacle outside the vehicle. The duplicate is the customer’s copy. International Registration Plan (IRP) operators must retain this copy for a period of four years.
  • Cannot be issued for a vehicle based within California and operated by a person having an established place of business within California. A vehicle shall be considered to be based in California if it is primarily operated or dispatched from, garaged, serviced, or maintained at a site with a California address.
  • Cannot be issued for vehicles last registered in Mexico, or in the Canadian provinces of Newfoundland or Saskatchewan. The exception is Saskatchewan base-plated charter buses.
  • Requires a California Fuel Trip Permit (CDTFA-123-EREG REV. 1 [8-19]) if the vehicle is powered by a fuel other than gasoline.

If a California Fuel Trip Permit is required, the applicant must:

  • Enter the California Fuel Trip Permit number on the REG 41 before using it.
  • Carry the California Fuel Trip Permit with REG 41.