Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 18: Lien Sales – Abandoned – Abated Vehicles

18.025 Declaration of Opposition on Low-Value Vehicles Removed for Reasons Other Than Abandonment (VC §22851.8 (d))

If the lienholder receives a completed Declaration of Opposition that is postmarked within 10 days of the date the Notice of Intent To Dispose of a Vehicle Valued at $500 or Less Removed by a Public Agency for Reasons Other than Abandonment (REG 684) (PDF) was mailed, the vehicle cannot be disposed of unless:

  • The lienholder files an action in court within 20 days of the date the REG 684 was mailed, a judgment is awarded to the lienholder, and it is not paid within five days of becoming final.
  • The declarant releases their interest in the vehicle.
  • DMV issues a letter of authorization to continue with the lien sale when the declarant could not be served by certified mail or in person by a marshal, sheriff, or licensed process server.
  • The lienholder must submit an Application for Authorization to Continue Lien Sale After Unsuccessful Service (REG 659) with one of the following attached.
    • Service attempted by certified mail—an unopened certified letter that contains the court documents with which service was attempted.
    • Service attempted in person by a marshal, sheriff, or licensed process server—the documents proving unsuccessful service.