Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 25: Permits and Decals

25.040 One Trip Permit (REG 402T) (VC §4003)

A REG 402T displayed on the windshield or other prominent place on the vehicle may be used in lieu of California registration to move any vehicle required to be registered, except a crane:

  • Unladen, for one continuous trip from a place within California to another place either within or outside California, or from a place outside California to a place within California.
  • For one round trip from one place to another for the purpose of participating as a vehicular float or display in a lawful parade or exhibition. The total round trip cannot exceed 100 miles and must be completed within 60 days.

Permitted Uses—A REG 402T is valid for:

  • An unladen commercial motor vehicle used for one of the purposes specified in this section, with another vehicle “piggyback” mounted on it, so that either the front or rear wheels of the mounted vehicle rest upon the ground and support a portion of the weight of the mounted vehicle. If none of the mounted vehicle’s wheels are resting on the ground, the vehicle is laden and cannot be operated with a REG 402T.

A REG 402T is required for the mounted vehicle if it is not properly registered. The motor vehicle may tow another unladen vehicle if both vehicles carry a REG 402T.

  • Trailer coaches that are:
    • Owned by nonresident military personnel or their nonresident spouses and operated as specified in this section.
    • Part of a dealer’s inventory and operated as specified in this section.
    • Purchased by a nonresident who is moving it out of California. A nonresident may also bring an unregistered trailer coach into California with a REG 402T; however, registration would become due upon arrival at the destination unless the trailer coach is exempt from registration. Refer to Chapter 2.

Forbidden Uses—A REG 402T is not valid for:

  • Operation of a loaded commercial vehicle, unless the vehicle is being moved to participate in a parade or display.
  • Travel by a circuitous or indirect route. Caution the applicant that the trip must be made by the most direct route.
  • Movement of a trailer coach owned by a California resident, because presence of the trailer coach in California requires that it be registered.
  • Movement of a crane (VC §4003) or vehicle requiring an oversize permit issued by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) (VC §35780).

The applicant:

  • May purchase permits in bulk.
  • Must pay a fee for each permit.
  • May only use the permit for one vehicle and one continuous trip.

The issuance of a One Trip Permit does not affect California sales and use tax requirements. Applicants may contact the Board of Equalization (BOE) at for further information.