Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 13: Commercial Vehicles

13.135 Unladen or Tare Weight (VC §660)

Unladen weight (sometimes shown as tare weight) is defined as the weight of a vehicle equipped and ready for operation on the road and includes:

  • The body, fenders, permanently attached boxes, and body parts.
  • The oil in the motor, a radiator full of water, and five gallons of gasoline.
  • Any machinery, equipment, or attachment which is necessary for the efficient operation of the body or vehicle. Refer to the Unladen Weight Exclusions section in this chapter for exclusions from unladen weight information.

The following policy shall apply when determining whether or not a specific piece of equipment is necessary for the efficient operation of a body or vehicle:

“Any attachment to the body or vehicle which functions as a part of the body or vehicle in its normal operations shall be considered a part of the unladen weight unless specifically excluded under VC §661.”