Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 17: International Registration Plan (IRP)

Chapter 17 International Registration Plan (IRP)

17.000 Introduction

The International Registration Plan (IRP) is an apportioned or “prorated” registration program that allows payment of license fees based on the total distance operated in two or more member jurisdictions. All jurisdictions have agreed to allow one jurisdiction (the base jurisdiction) to collect the license fees due. The base jurisdiction calculates and collects the license fees due to all member jurisdictions in which the registrant’s fleet/vehicles will be operated. The fees are divided and disbursed periodically.

Registrants file for IRP registration in their base jurisdiction. California will only accept IRP applications from carriers who provide proof of residency in California or an established place of business in California. Carriers based outside of California should contact the vehicle registration regulatory agency in their home state.

Trailers are not registered as IRP, instead they are registered as Permanent Trailer Identification (PTI).