Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 12: Nonresident Vehicles

12.040 Definitions

50-State Vehicle—A vehicle that meets U.S. EPA and California emission and safety standards and is so labeled. These vehicles may be registered regardless of the odometer mileage.

California Noncertified Vehicles (CNCV) — Formerly known as 49-state vehicle, is a vehicle manufactured to be first sold in all states except California and meets only federal emission standards. These vehicles cannot be registered to a California resident who acquired or purchased the vehicle with less than 7,500 odometer miles unless the owner qualifies for an exemption.

California Resident (VC §516)—Any person who manifests an intent to live or be located in this state on more than a temporary or transient basis. Presence in the state for six months or more in any 12-month period gives rise to a rebuttable presumption of residency.

California Vehicle—A vehicle manufactured and certified to meet California emission standards and intended for first sale in California. New and used California vehicles may be registered regardless of odometer mileage.

Direct Import Vehicle—A vehicle that is not manufactured to meet U.S. federal safety requirements and/or U.S. or California emission standards and not intended by the manufacturer to be used or sold in the United States.

Nonresident—A person who is not a resident of California. For example, visitors or representatives of another state or country and military personnel who are residents of other states (VC §435).

Nonresident Military Personnel—Any nonresident owner of a vehicle registered in a foreign state who is a member or spouse of a member of the U.S. Armed Forces on active duty within this state. Any person on continuous active duty in the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, or Coast Guard is considered to be military personnel. This does not include civilian personnel employed by a branch of the armed forces (VC §6701).

Nonresident Vehicle—A vehicle that was last registered in another state or country.