Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 12: Nonresident Vehicles

12.135 Out-of-State California Resident

A California resident located out of state may register their vehicle in California.

The following must be submitted:

  • The documentation listed in the Basic Registration Requirements section in this chapter.
  • A vehicle verification completed by a regularly employed peace officer from the state in which the vehicle is located. The odometer mileage must be recorded.

Any authorized California vehicle verifier, including a peace officer, can complete a REG 31 including the emission label verification.

  • For commercial vehicles, a weighmaster’s weight certification that contains the:
    • Vehicle identification number.
    • Unladen weight of the vehicle.
    • Name, address, and signature of the person making the certification.
  • A REG 256:
    • Showing the applicant’s California address.
    • Certifying they are a resident of California.
    • Stating the vehicle is equipped to meet California emission control standards or will be equipped when the vehicle enters California.

California noncertified vehicles and motorcycles with less than 7,500 odometer miles cannot be registered in California unless they are California certified. Refer to the Basic Registration Requirements and California Noncertified/Direct Import Vehicles Registration Refusals sections in this chapter for additional information.

• Registration fees from the date of application.