Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 1: General Registration Information

1.030 Confidentiality of Home Address (VC §§1808.2, 1808.4, 1808.6, and PC §830)

California statutes authorize home address confidentiality, when requested, for designated persons, spouses, and children on any vehicle, vessel, off-highway vehicle, driver’s license, or identification card (DL/ID) for DMV records reflecting the qualified person’s name.

  • The requester must submit a properly completed Request for Confidentiality of Home Address (INV 32) form to the employing agencies, for the DL/ID and each vehicle/vessel (newly purchased or transferred to) that contains the qualified person’s name as the registered or legal owner.
  • A new INV 32 is required every time a qualified person’s name is added to or deleted from a registration record.

The employing agency is responsible for submitting the INV 32 to DMV and for notifying DMV when an employee retires, resigns, is dismissed, or leaves the agency’s employment. Retired peace officers’ home addresses are permanently withheld, upon request, at the time when the confidential status would otherwise be removed.