Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 8: Report of Sale – Used Vehicles

8.045 Vehicle Being Exported by Dealer

A dealer who is exporting a vehicle to another country by ship or air is required to have a title in the name of the dealership.

  • A REG 32 must be presented in person at a DMV office with the title and license plates when a dealer is exporting a vehicle.
  • The dealer, as registered owner when the title is issued, must have acceptable photo identification, and sign the REG 32.
  • A title endorsed to the dealer, a Salvage Certificate, and Replacement for Duplicate or Transfer of Title (REG 227) form, and an acquisition bill of sale are not acceptable as a clear title.

The dealer must:

  • Submit the title to transfer the vehicle into the name of the dealership.
  • Remove the license plates from the vehicle and submit them to DMV with the transfer application.
  • Complete a REG 256 indicating that the vehicle will be exported in the name of the dealership.
  • After the title is issued, the dealer must appear in person with title and the completed REG 32.