Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 9: Wholesale Report of Sale

Chapter 9 Wholesale Vehicle Transaction

9.000 General Information

California licensed dealers and lessor-retailers must report sales of vehicles sold to other California dealers, out-of-state dealers, auto auctions, dismantlers, steel mills, and scrap metal processors on a Wholesale Report of Sale (REG 396) form.

  • Wholesale auto auctions must report wholesale vehicle sales on a Vehicle Auction Sale (REG 398) form.
    • A REG 396 is not required if the REG 398 is submitted.
  • Sales by an auto auction to a retail buyer must be reported on a Report of Sale–Used Vehicle (REG 51).
  • The REG 396 and the REG 398 are controlled forms and can only be obtained from the DMV Occupational Licensing Section.
  • Orders for additional forms are only accepted by mail on a REG 396 Order Form (OL 395W) or a REG 398 Order Form (OL 395A), as appropriate.
  • These forms are available online at and must be mailed to the address on the form.