Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 24: Vessels

24.170 Vessel Carbon Monoxide Stickers (CHNC §§683 and 684)

New and used motorized vessels must bear a sticker warning of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning when sold.

The procedures below must be followed:

  • Issue one set of Vessel Carbon Monoxide Warning Stickers and the companion brochure on every completed vessel transfer or renewal, nonresident, and miscellaneous original vessel transaction.
  • Explain to the customer that the stickers must be affixed to motorized vessels as follows:
    • The transom sticker must be affixed facing out on the exterior of the stern or transom of the motorized vessel, unless it is inflatable and the sticker would not adhere to the surface of the stern.
    • The helm sticker must be affixed to the interior of the motorized vessel where it is immediately visible to the operator of the motorized vessel.

Vessel agents must provide their customers owning/buying motorized vessels with a set of stickers and the companion brochure.