Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 10: Renewals

10.000 Allocated County of Temporary Use

10.005 Application Lost in Processing

10.010 Changes Noted on the Renewal Notice

10.015 Commercially-Registered Station Wagons

10.020 Defective Sticker

10.025 Disabled Person Parking Placard

10.030 Early Renewal or Planned Nonoperation Certification

10.035 Enhanced Renewal Report of Deposit of Fees (RDF)

10.040 Evidence of Financial Responsibility

10.045 Evidence of Registration

10.050 Farm Labor Vehicles

10.055 Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (FHVUT)

10.060 California Native American Tribes/Tribal Members

10.065 Late Renewals

10.070 Mail Applications

10.075 Mailing Registration Cards and Stickers

10.080 Members of NATO

10.085 Metal Tabs

10.090 Nonreceipt of Renewal Notice

10.095 Nonresident Military Personnel (NRM)

10.100 Owner Responsibility Citations on Record

10.105 Parking/Toll Violations on Record

10.110 Planned Nonoperation (PNO) Status

10.115 Plates with Permanent Expiration Dates

10.120 Privately-Owned School Bus (PSB)

10.125 Registration Expiration Dates

10.130 Registration Renewal Notices

10.135 Registration Renewals

10.140 Removing a Notice of Release of Liability (NRL) From a Record

10.145 Renewal and Issuance of a Personalized License Plate

10.150 Renewal on Incorrect Renewal Notice

10.155 Renewal Sticker Placed on the Wrong Vehicle

10.160 Renewal With a Substitute License Plate

10.165 Renewal With an Original Personalized or Year of Manufacture (YOM) License Plate Application

10.170 Specialized Transportation Vehicle (STV) Renewals

10.175 Trailer Coach and Vessel Situs

10.180 Vehicle Owner Receives Two Renewal Notices

10.185 Vehicles Assigned Special Interest License Plates

10.190 Vehicles With a Personalized License Plate Application in Process

10.195 Year of Manufacture (YOM) License Plates