Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 17: International Registration Plan (IRP)

17.015 IRP Information

For specific information regarding IRP requirements and procedures, refer to the California International Registration Plan Handbook (MC 524) Chapter 1: Introduction and General Information – California DMV.

Original IRP applications and inventory issuance are done by IRP Operations in DMV headquarters.

Field offices and Industry Business Centers (IBC) must:

  • Not process original IRP applications.
  • Not issue any IRP indicia.
  • Run a DCS on the vehicle identification number (VIN) to check for stops on the record before processing IRP-related application for title only, transfer of ownership, or conversion from IRP to regular registration.
  • Direct IRP customers and registration services to mail IRP applications to:

Department of Motor Vehicles
IRP Operations Section, MS H160
PO Box 932320
Sacramento, CA 94232-3200

DMV headquarters will continue to process IRP related applications, such as title only, transfer of ownership, and conversion from IRP to regular or partial year registration.