Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 29: Form Specifications

29.005 General Guidelines for Bulk Forms

Chapter 29 Form Specifications

29.005 General Guidelines for Bulk Forms

  • Local DMV offices and DMV headquarters units will provide a maximum of 25 copies of a particular form if it does not deplete their supply.
  • If a form cannot be supplied, you will be sent one copy of the form so that you may secure a supply by other means.
    Many DMV forms are available and can be downloaded from the DMV website at
  • DMV’s Inventory Control Operations (ICO) in Sacramento will fill a six-month supply of a form (based on your usage) as long as it does not deplete DMV’s stock.
  • Requests for bulk forms are generally processed within 21 working days of receipt of the request. You will be advised if forms are not currently available.

Ordering Bulk Forms:

  • Submit your request in writing on business letterhead to the address shown below and include a telephone number and a street address for delivery (not a PO Box).
  • Specify each requested form(s) by form number or title and the quantity needed.
    Department of Motor Vehicles
    Materials Management Section
    Inventory Control Operations
    4201 Sierra Point Drive, Suite 112
    Sacramento, CA 95834-7900
  • The written request may also be faxed. FAX number: (916) 928-7900.
  • DMV will process your request and notify you if the forms are not available. You may call (916) 928-7901 if you have a question on your order.