Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 6: New Vehicles Sold by California Dealers

6.045 New Vehicle Sold for Export to Another Country

Chapter 6 New Vehicles Sold by California Dealers

6.045 New Vehicle Sold for Export to Another Country

DMV requires owners to sign and present a Certification of Exportation (REG 32) in person at a DMV office when the owner is exporting a vehicle to another country by ship or air. All registered owners whose names appear on the title with and (/) must:

  • Appear in person.
  • Have acceptable photo identification.
  • Sign the REG 32.

The REG 32 may be signed by power-of-attorney.

  • The attorney-in-fact must appear in person at the DMV office and submit a power-of-attorney worded specifically for the purpose of completing the REG 32, or a general power-of-attorney.
  • DMV’s power-of-attorney forms, REG 260 and REG 262 are not acceptable.
  • The owner must have clear Certificate of Title issued in his/her name to the vehicle being exported. If a lienholder is shown, a release of the lien on the title, or a Lien Satisfied/Title Holder Release (REG 166) is required.
  • A title endorsed to the new owner.
  • A Salvage Certificate.
  • An Application for Duplicate of Transfer of Title (REG 227).
  • An Acquisition Bill of Sale.

When a buyer indicates he/she is purchasing a new vehicle to export to another country.

The dealer must:

  • Complete the Application for Registration of New Vehicle (REG 397) as usual. Mark all copies of the REG 397 “for export to another country.”
  • Attach the operating copy of the REG 397 to the 5-day notice sent to DMV headquarters.
    • Do not affix the operating copy to the vehicle.
    • The buyer must arrange for transport or move the vehicle on a One Trip Permit, unless the sale is completed after delivery of the vehicle, in which case, the vehicle can be delivered using dealer plates.

The buyer must complete a:

The following must be submitted:

  • Advise the buyer(s) that when the title is issued, he/she must present a completed REG 32 in person at the DMV office, before transporting the vehicle to another country by ship or air.
  • Submit the original REG 256 and REG 102 with an A REG 397 to DMV with the fees.
  • Retain the book copy of the REG 397 and a copy of the REG 256 at the dealer’s primary place of business location.

Vehicles exported on military transports are exempt from this process. However, military personnel exporting vehicles via a regular carrier must submit a REG 32 and comply with export requirements.