Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 14: Permanent Trailer Identification (PTI)

14.025 Title Options

A California Certificate of Title is not automatically issued to PTI trailers unless there is a lienholder/legal owner (LO), in which case a title is issued or an Electronic Lien and Title (ELT) record created. The registered owner (RO), (when there is not an LO) of a PTI trailer, must request issuance of a paper California Certificate of Title by submitting a completed and signed REG 4017.

If a
RO (when there is no LO) requests issuance of a paper title
  • The owner must complete and sign side “A” of the REG 4017. (A REG 256 may be used if a REG 4017 is not available.)
  • Fees are due, including the title fee, and inventory is issued.
Title is not requested
  • Fees are due and inventory is issued. Do not collect the title fee in this case.
LO participates in the ELT program
  • Fees are due, including the title fee. (A PTI paper title will not be printed for the ELT lienholder, but the fee is due because a paper title will eventually be issued.)