Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 22: Corrections and Adjustments

22.045 Correcting a Vehicle Description Error

If a vehicle owner claims a vehicle description error was made on the vehicle record and California Certificate of Title (other than motive power), the owner must submit documentation to confirm that in fact an error was made.

The California Certificate of Title and/or registration card are not required to correct the license plate, sticker number, motive power, or address of the registered or legal owner.

To correct a vehicle description error on a vehicle record and California Certificate of Title, the following must be submitted:

  • The California Certificate of Title or Application for Replacement or Transfer of Title (REG 227) form.
    — If the title is held by the lienholder, the customer must submit the following documents to the lienholder for submission to DMV with the California Certificate of Title.
  • A Verification of Vehicle (REG 31) form.
    — A substantial change in the vehicle identification number (VIN) may mean the California Certificate of Title is for a different vehicle. See the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Corrections section in this chapter.
  • A Statement of Facts (REG 256) form with the circumstances of the error or correction and if the correction is needed as result of a dealer error.
  • Documentation to confirm that an error was made, such as copies of documents submitted in a prior application obtained from DMV or dealer records. The copies must show that the documents submitted with the application had correct information which was not entered on the vehicle record.
  • A weight certificate for vehicles under 10,000 pounds unladen, unless DMV records or dealer documentation includes proof of the correct weight. Examples of acceptable proof are a weight certificate, a document with the correct BTM and weight, such as the weight certification on an Application for Registration of New Vehicle (REG 397) form, an out-of-state title showing the empty, unladen, scale, or tare weight, and a prior California Certificate of title.
  • Additional fees due, if any.
    — A duplicate title fee is not charged, unless the California Certificate of Title is lost or stolen.

If the vehicle is changing from auto to commercial or commercial to auto, the registration expiration date will change, and weight fees may be due.

The procedure below must be followed:

  • A physical inspection of the vehicle and/or documents, must be done as appropriate.
  • Obtain the document(s) necessary to confirm the error.
  • Process as a report of deposit of fees (RDF) requesting the missing items if the applicant does not provide all the necessary documents and fees.
  • Must be processed as a clearing item if all the necessary documents and fees are provided, unless special handling by DMV headquarters is required.

See the California Certificate of Title Held by the Lienholder/Legal Owner or the Body Type Correction sections in this chapter for further instructions.