Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 15: Off-Highway Vehicles

15.090 OHV Identification Plate (VC §§38010, 38020, 38088, and 38160)

The OHV identification plate is a numbered sticker (plate) issued upon original registration of an OHV and biennially upon renewal of registration. The year and month of expiration are printed in the center stripe of the plate. Placement of the plate on the vehicle is specified statutorily (VC §38170). The placement information is contained in Off-Highway Vehicle License Plates (FFVR 16) Fast Facts brochure, which may be given to OHV owners.

A vehicle registered as an OHV is issued a California Certificate of Title and identification card unless dual (on-highway and off-highway) registration is requested. In that case, the California Certificate of Title is issued on the on-highway registration.