Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 11: Transfers

11.075 Foreclosure or State Controller Sales (VC §5909)

In addition to the procedures listed in the Basic Transfer Requirements section in this chapter, the following must be submitted:

  • A Verification of Vehicle (REG 31) form if there is no prior California vehicle record.
  • A Certification of Foreclosure or a Certificate of Sale from the Controller which:
    • Describes the vehicle by make and VIN.
    • Includes a statement that the requirements of the contract and of law (notification, posting, and advertising) have been met.
  • Do not require the registered owner’s release on the title. In lieu of the registered owner’s signature, write “Clearing VC §5909”.

If the foreclosure was made by other than the legal owner (lienholder), the Certificate of Title must contain the lienholder’s release or a Lien Satisfied/Titleholder Release (REG 166) form must be submitted.