Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 8: Report of Sale – Used Vehicles

8.040 Used Vehicle Sold for Export to Another Country

DMV requires owners to sign and present a Certification of Exportation (REG 32) form in person at a DMV office when the owner is exporting a vehicle to another country by ship or air.

All registered owners whose names on the title are joined by “and” or “a slash (/)” must:

  • Appear in person.
  • Have acceptable photo identification.
  • Sign the REG 32.

The REG 32 may be signed by power-of-attorney.

  • The attorney-in-fact must appear in person at a DMV office and submit either a power-of-attorney worded specifically for the purpose of completing the REG 32 or a general power-of-attorney.
  • The DMV Power of Attorney (REG 260) form and Vehicle/Vessel Transfer and Reassignment Form (REG 262), are not acceptable.
  • The owner must have a clear Certificate of Title issued in their name for the vehicle being exported.
  • If a lienholder is shown, a release of the lien on the title or a Lien Satisfied/Legal Owner/Title Holder Release (REG 166) form is required.
  • A title endorsed to the new owner, a Salvage Certificate, an Replacement for Duplicate or Transfer of Title (REG 227), and an Acquisition Bill of sale are not acceptable as a clear title.

Dealer requirements to buyer purchasing used vehicle for export

When a buyer indicates they are purchasing a used vehicle to export to another country, a dealer must:

  • Complete the REG 51 as usual. Mark all copies of the REG 51 “for export to another country”.
  • Remove the license plates from the vehicle and submit them to DMV with the transfer application. If the vehicle is:
    • Currently registered, DMV may issue a Temporary Operating Permit (REG 19) for a limited amount of time to enable the buyer to move the vehicle to the dock.
    • Not currently registered, the buyer must obtain a one-trip permit.
  • Attach the operating copy of the REG 51 to the 5-day notice sent to DMV headquarters.
    • Do not affix the operating copy to the vehicle.
    • The buyer must arrange for transport or move the vehicle on a One Trip Permit (REG 402 T) or Temporary Operating Permit (REG 19) unless the sale is completed after delivery of the vehicle in which case the vehicle can be delivered using dealer plates.
  • Have the buyer complete a Statement of Facts (REG 256) form explaining how the vehicle will be moved.
  • If the vehicle is not currently registered, the buyer:
  • Submit the REG 256, the REG 102, and the application copy of the REG 51 with the transfer application to DMV.
  • Advise the buyer that when the title is issued, they must present the title and a completed REG 32 in person at DMV before transporting the vehicle to another country by ship or air.
  • Retain the book copy of the REG 51 and a copy of the REG 256 at the dealer’s primary place of business location.
  • Transfer fees.

Vehicles exported on military transports are exempt from this process. However, military personnel exporting vehicles via a regular carrier must submit a REG 32 and comply with export requirements.