Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 27: Information Requests

27.020 DOJ/NCIC Hits

Information Requests—Use the following procedure when a DOJ stop or NCIC hit is encountered on an information request:

If the Customer Is
Present and is the:
• Registered owner of record
• Legal owner of record
• Insurance company representative
Give the printout to the requester.
Present and is not the:
• Registered owner
• Legal owner of record
• Insurance company representative
• Do not attempt to detain the customer or in any way indicate that something is wrong.
• Verify the requester’s identification.
• Notify the office manager.
• Follow the manager’s instructions.
Not present (mail or bundle item)
• Do not process the request.
• Notify your manager.
• Send a photocopy of the information request and printout of the vehicle record to the nearest Investigations office.
• Complete the usual notification process if released by the investigator.