Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 18: Lien Sales – Abandoned – Abated Vehicles

18.060 Disposition of Vehicles Removed by a Local Abatement Procedure (VC §22661)

Follow the chart below to process a removal of an abated vehicle by local enforcement.

Step 1

Issue a 10-day notice of intention to abate and remove the vehicle or parts.

The 10-day notice is not required if:

  • The property owner and the owner of the vehicle sign a release authorizing removal and waive further interest in the vehicle.
  • If the property owner signs a release authorizing removal and waives interest in the vehicle, and the vehicle is either:
    • Inoperable due to the absence of motor, transmission, or wheels.
    • Incapable of being towed.
    • Valued at less than $200 and is determined by the local agency to be a public nuisance.

Step 2

Within five days of removal of an abandoned vehicle, submit a Notice – Removal of Abandoned Vehicle (REG 104) (PDF) to DMV. Attach any available evidence of registration, such as:

  • Registration Card.
  • Certificate of Title.
  • License plates or a Statement of Facts (REG 256) (PDF) certifying that the license plates were destroyed.

Step 3

Dismantle the vehicle or dispose of it at a licensed dismantler or a scrap iron processor.