Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 25: Permits and Decals

25.020 Laden Commercial Trailer One Trip Permit (REG 43)(VC §4003.5)

A manufacturer, dealer, or carrier located in a state having a reciprocity agreement with California may be issued a REG 43, valid for up to ten days, for movement of a laden new (never registered in any state) or not currently registered used commercial trailer or semitrailer. Refer to Appendix 1F for the fee.

The permit:

  • Must be completed prior to operation of the vehicle on a highway.
  • Must be carried on the trailer to which it applies. The manufacturer or dealer who issued the permit may allow a third party to move or operate the vehicle.
  • Is valid for movement within, entering, or leaving this state for not more than ten days as part of a continuous trip from the place of manufacture of a new vehicle or dispatch or entry into this state of a used vehicle to the place where the vehicle will be offered for sale.
  • Shall not be granted more than once without the sale and registration of the trailer or semitrailer.