Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 24: Vessels

24.140 Salvaged Vessels

A Salvage Certificate is not issued or required for a salvaged vessel. Process transfer applications as usual except:

The Following Must Be Submitted
The title was previously surrendered to DMV
  • An Application for Replacement of Transfer of Title REG 227 endorsed for transfer.
  • A Statement of Facts (REG 256) explaining the title was previously surrendered to DMV.
  • Two transfer fees in addition to any other fees due. A replacement title fee is not due.
The title is lost or missing
  • A REG 227 endorsed for transfer.
  • The replacement title fee and any other fees due.
There is no record on file
Documents required for an unavailable records vessel. Refer to Unavailable Records section in this chapter.

The procedures below must be followed:

  • Issue a new CF number and stickers.
  • Give the applicant a BOAT 3 booklet.
  • Advise them to affix the CF number shown on the receipt must be affixed to the vessel as described in the BOAT 3.
  • Assign a HIN according to the procedures in this chapter.
  • For motorized vessels, issue one set of Vessel Carbon Monoxide Warning Stickers and companion brochure. Advise the applicant to affix the stickers as explained in the BOAT 3.