Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 2: General Information – Licensees

2.065 Remanufacturer (VC §507.8)

A remanufacturer is a person who, for commission, money, or other value produces a vehicle consisting of any used, reconditioned integral parts, including but not limited to the frame, engine, transmission, axles, brakes, or suspension, which is subject to registration. A remanufacturer is not a person who incidentally repairs, restores, or modifies an existing vehicle by replacing or adding parts or accessories.

Remanufactured Vehicle Dealer (VC §11700)—Remanufacturers licensed as dealers must:

  • Report sales of remanufactured vehicles on the Certificate of Remanufactured Vehicle (REG 8) form, which are issued by the Occupational Licensing Unit at DMV headquarters.
  • Request REG 8 forms in writing.
  • Verbally notify the buyer that the vehicle was remanufactured (VC §11713.7).
  • Place the statement “This vehicle has been remanufactured and contains used or reconditioned parts” on:
    • The purchase order or conditional sales contract signed by the buyer.
    • Any advertisement pertaining to the remanufactured vehicle.
    • A remanufactured vehicle displayed for retail purposes or at the location where the vehicle is displayed.