Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 9: Wholesale Report of Sale

9.005 Completion of the Wholesale Report of Sale (REG 396)

All information must be clearly and accurately completed on all parts of the REG 396.

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Use the following when completing the REG 396.

Completing the REG 396

SectionInformation Required
Vehicle Identification NumberThe complete VIN for the vehicle.
License Plate NumberThe license number for the last registration.
If the vehicle does not have a license plate, print “no plate” in the box.
If the vehicle’s license plate is from out of state, print “O/S” in the box.
MakeThe make of the vehicle, not the model.
YearThe manufacturer’s year model.
ModelThe manufacturer’s model name.
Body TypeThe body type.
Odometer MileageThe actual odometer mileage reading.
On (Selling Date)The date of sale.
Buyer’s Dealer Name/AddressThe buying dealer’s name, address, and city.
Do not abbreviate the city name.
Buyer’s Dealer NumberThe buyer’s dealer number.
Seller’s Dealer Name/AddressYour dealer name and business address.
Seller’s Dealer NumberYour dealer number.
Seller’s SignatureSignature of the dealer’s authorized representative.