Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 13: Commercial Vehicles

13.050 Financial Responsibility

Although VC §16058 requires electronic reporting of private-use automobile liability policies to DMV, commercial or business insurance carriers are exempt. Customers with vehicles covered by commercial or business policies may submit evidence of insurance and a completed Notification of Alternative Forms of Financial Responsibility (REG 5085) form, on each initial registration or transfer of a vehicle.

  • If not submitted with the application, a letter will be sent to the owner requesting proof of financial responsibility or the registration will be canceled.

Although vehicles registered to a business entity such as a company, corporation, LLC, LTD, DBA, etc. may have commercial or business policies, the REG 5085 may be used for any vehicle.

  • An application for renewal must contain proof of financial responsibility on the vehicle record or proof must be submitted at the time of renewal.
    • The REG 5085 is not acceptable for renewals.
  • The REG 5085 is not required for IRP vehicles, or vehicles being added to a PFR fleet.