Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 30: Inquiries

30.005 Basic Information

Chapter 30 Inquiries

30.005 Basic Information (R60 Printout)

Following is a sample of an R60 printout and the displayed information:

Sample Printout

Sample of R60 printout and displayed information

The following chart describes the fields shown above.

Printout Defined

Field NameInformation
DATEDate the inquiry was made
TIMETime inquiry was made
INSURANCEOne of the following insurance messages will display:
• INSURANCE INFORMATION ON FILE—DMV has received insurance information electronically from the insurance company
• INSURANCE INFORMATION UNKNOWN—DMV has not received insurance electronically or the insurance information was not updated successfully
• INSURANCE RECORD UNAVAILABLE, RETRY 15 MINUTES—The insurance information is temporarily unavailable
• PENDING RECORD, INSURANCE STATUS NOT CHECKED—The registration application has not been completed and therefore, the insurance information is not yet required
REG VALID FROM• Date the registration or the PNO is valid, from MM/DD/YY to MM/DD/YY.
• If permanent exempt, 12/31/2099 will appear.
LIC #Vehicle license number or vessel CF #
YRMDYear model
MAKEMake of the vehicle or builder of the vessel
BTMBody type model (see Chart 1)
VINVehicle Identification Number (VIN) or Vessel Hull Number (HIN)
R/OName and address of the registered owner
CITYCity of the registered owner’s address
C.C.County code of the registered owner address (see Chart 2)
ZIPZip code of the registered owner address
SOLDYear the vehicle was originally sold, if available
RCIDDate that the last registration certificate was issued
OCIDDate that the last ownership certificate (title) was issued
LOCDLegal owner code (internal use by DMV only)
L/OName and address of the legal owner/lienholder on the title
CITYCity of the legal owner/lienholder
ZIPZip code of the legal owner/lienholder
TYPEType license code
POWRMotive power code
AXLENumber of axles (commercial vehicles and trailers only)
WGHTVehicle unladen weight (commercial vehicles and trailers only)
VEHType vehicle code (DMV internal use)
BODYType body code (see Chart1)
CLASAlpha code assigned to the Vehicle License Fee (VLF) class
* – YRAsterisk year assigned when last re-classified
REC STATUSStatus of the record, followed by informational messages (see Chart 3)
CLEARANCE INFORMATION RECORDSAccounting trail of the transactions on this vehicle records, which includes:
• Office #
• Work date
• Tech ID #
• Sequence (of that transaction)
• Value of the application
• Fiche Date (Older record added to microfiche and does not display)
• Type Transaction Code (TTC) (see Chart 6)
MM/DD/YYYY – ODOMETERThe latest recorded odometer reading on the vehicle and the date of the recording