Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 3: Collection and Payment of Fees and Penalties

3.060 Registration Fees (VC §§9250–9265 and 9400.1)

To register a vehicle in California, certain basic fees are collected, based on the type of vehicle, county of residence, and type of transaction.

Other miscellaneous fees may also be due, based on the type of vehicle and type of transaction.

The regular fees required for vehicles subject to registration are:

  • Registration fee (RF).
  • California Highway Patrol (CHP) law enforcement fee.
  • Miscellaneous county fees which DMV is mandated to collect.
  • Vehicle license fee (VLF).
  • Weight fee (WF) for commercial vehicles.
  • Reflectorized license plate fee.

Other fees may be due, depending on the type of application.

  • The registration fee is collected on original registration and registration renewal of every vehicle and trailer coach subject to registration.
  • The fee is not collected on off-highway vehicles (OHV) or permanent trailer identification (PTI) trailers.
  • A Commercial Vehicle Registration Act (CVRA) registration fee and CVRA CHP Fee is collected in addition to the regular registration fee and CHP fee on commercial vehicles subject to CVRA fees.
  • The registration fee is subject to a penalty based on the date the fee was paid. See the Waiver of Fees and/or Penalties section in this chapter.