Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 12: Nonresident Vehicles

12.025 California Noncertified/Direct Import Vehicle Registration Refusals (CH&SC §§43150 – 43156)

California noncertified vehicles (CNCV), formerly known as 49-state, meet only U.S. EPA emission requirements and are so labeled. California residents who acquire a CNCV, truck, with less than 7,500 odometer miles at the time acquired cannot register the vehicle in California unless the owner qualifies for an exemption.

New direct import vehicles acquired by California residents can only be registered in California if the owner qualifies for an exemption. Refer to the California Noncertified Vehicles and Direct Import Vehicles Exemptions section in this chapter. California registration fees are due immediately upon transfer of a nonresident vehicle from the owner shown on the nonresident documents. Penalties accrue if the fees are not paid within 20 days after the new owner’s date of purchase or 30 days from the new owner’s date of purchase, if sold by a California dealer.