Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 28: Bundle Listings

28.010 DMV Processing of the Transmittal of Registration Applications (FO 247)

Chapter 28 Bundle Listings

28.010 DMV Processing of the Transmittal of Registration Applications (FO 247)

When a Transmittal of Registration Applications (FO 247) is received by DMV, a DMV employee will:

  • Verify the number of applications received.
  • Assign a “bundle” number for control purposes.
  • Enter the received or postmarked date based on type of delivery (direct or mail).
  • Complete the receipt information portion of the FO 247.

LIST NO.: The unique number assigned to the bundle by the office.
DATE RECEIVED OR POST MARKED (CIRCLE): The date the bundle was received by DMV, if brought into the office, or postmarked, if mailed. Whether it was brought in or mailed will be circled by the person receiving it.
REC’D BY DEPT. REP. NAME: The name of the person at DMV accepting the transmittal and applications.
NO. OF APPS: Check if the vehicle is new.
DATE: The date that person received the applications.
CASHIER’S DATE STAMP/SEQ.: The cashier’s date stamp and sequence numbers of the transactions processed when the bundle was cashiered.
SR/AR CREDIT: Box marked if a credit receipt was issued for the excess fees.
RO (HQ/REF): Box marked if a refund check will be issued for the excess fees.
TOTAL CK/CASH: The amount of check(s) and/or cash submitted on the bundle.
TOTAL PRIOR CREDIT: The amount of prior credit receipts submitted on the bundle, not including those receipts identified to a specific vehicle
TOTAL AMT REC’D: The total of the cash, checks, and credits received on this bundle (should equal the amount in Column 7c).
SR/AR ISSUED (MASTER RECEIPT): The receipt number issued for the total of the cash, checks, and credit received (the credits submitted on individual transactions will not be included in the master
FEES PAID AFTER SUBMISSION OF THIS LIST: If additional fees were requested, the amount of additional fees paid.
SR/AR# ISSUED: The receipt number for the additional fees.
BY (DEPT. REP): The name of the person accepting the additional fees.

After the DMV has processed the applications:

If the Fees Submitted
Are not sufficient
Additional fees will be requested.
• DMV office procedures determine:
— How additional fees are requested
— When applications will be returned if additional fees are not received promptly.
Exceed the amount due
• A credit receipt or refund check will be issued to the submitter or dealer.
• Excess fees are programmatically absorbed on dismantler bundles

A dealer who collects more fees from a customer than are due to DMV must refund the overpayment to the customer (CVC §11713.4).

  • The submitter’s copy of the transmittal, the Bundle Reconciliation Report, and any returned report of deposit of fees (RDF) items are returned to the submitter.
    • If administrative service fees (ASF) are due, the information will be shown on the transmittal.
  • Any receipts, registration cards and/or stickers issued are disbursed in accordance with the instructions on the transmittal.
    • The central license plate facility in Sacramento normally issues any required license plates/stickers and registration cards.
  • DMV will indicate the excess fees paid in the “Amount of Refund” column.
    • You will be responsible to refund to your customer accordingly or have evidence that such fees were never charged and/or collected from your customer.