Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 23: Bonds and Certifications

23.015 Document Acceptability

Title—A photocopy of the title document is not acceptable for transfer of ownership.

Manufacturer’s Certificate/Statement of Origin (MCO/MSO)—The original or duplicate copy (not a photocopy) of the certificate/statement of origin issued by the manufacturer is acceptable.

Court Document—The original, certified copy, or photocopy of a court document is acceptable.

Other Documents—The following may be accepted in lieu of the original document:

  • A photocopy or fax copy of a form may be accepted, provided the information and the signature on the form are original.
  • A handwritten/typed copy of a document bearing a certification that the document is a true copy.

Exception: Repetitive information, such as the make, year, and model, may be a copy when multiple applications are submitted. Critical information, such as the last digits of the vehicle identification number and signatures, must be original.