Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 22: Corrections and Adjustments

22.060 Lienholder/Legal Owner Omitted (CGC §818.5)

When a lienholder/legal owner (LO) name is omitted on the California Certificate of Title because it was not shown on the registration application or due to a DMV error y an application is received to correct the omission, the application must be forwarded to the Involuntary Transfer Section (ITS) in DMV headquarters.

If the
ITS Will
Omission is a DMV error
  • Cancel the incorrect title.
  • Issue a corrected title to the LO, provided the vehicle has not been encumbered with another lien.
DMV has issued a title to a second LO due to another lien taken on the vehicle
  • Place a stop on the vehicle record.
  • Notify all parties that any outstanding California Certificate of Title will not be honored until the matter is resolved.
NOTE: A resolution may be to submit the properly released California Certificate of Title or a court order.
Title was used by the registered owner to transfer ownership of the vehicle y a new title has been issued to the buyer

A courtesy stop may be placed on the vehicle record for 30 days to allow the dealer or LO to obtain a restraining order and stop the issuance of any title until a resolution can be made.