Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 1: General Registration Information

1.025 Branded Titles (VC §§4453, 9255.1)

DMV records and documents issued for a California or nonresident vehicle previously classified as a junk, salvage, police, grey market, taxi, warranty return, or currently classified as a park trailer must be marked with one of the following brands:

Grey Market (Non-USA)—Vehicles manufactured for use and sale outside the United States which have been converted to meet federal and California safety and emissions standards.

Original Police or Prior Police—Vehicles formerly used by law enforcement and which usually have high mileage.

Original Taxi or Prior Taxi—Vehicles formerly used “for hire” which usually have high mileage.

Park Trailer—Vehicles classified as park trailers, as defined in the California Health & Safety Code §18009.3.

Remanufactured—Vehicles constructed by a licensed remanufacturer and consisting of used or reconditioned parts. These vehicles may be sold under a distinctive trade name.

Salvaged—Vehicles marked with a “Salvaged” brand were involved in an accident or incurred considerable damage from another source, such as a flood or vandalism. This brand also includes previously dismantled (junk) vehicles.

Warranty Return (Lemon Law Buyback)—Vehicles which have been returned to the manufacturer under California’s Lemon Law.

A prior history service fee is collected only for initial issuance of branded documents. Refer to Appendix 1F for fees.