Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 1: General Registration Information

1.040 Definitions for Clearing, Suspense, and Incomplete Applications (RDF)

Clearing Item—an application that contains all required documents and fees and can be processed without further handling or verification by DMV headquarters.

Suspense Item—an application that needs further processing in DMV headquarters, such as issuance of special interest license plates or verification against the DMV headquarters record.

If submitting an application that requires further processing, include a screen print or Statement of Facts (REG 256) form explaining why.

Incomplete Application, also known as report of deposit of fees (RDF) (VC §1651)– transaction used by DMV to collect fees on an incomplete application.

The requirements are:

  • All the documents and the receipt for the fees paid (RDF) are returned to the applicant, except:
    • Dealer and registration service transactions, which are returned to the dealer or registration service.
    • Applications submitted by a financial institution, which are returned to the financial institution.
  • Full registration/renewal fees must be deposited on an incomplete application to avoid penalties; however, use tax may be paid when the application is cleared.
  • If an applicant chooses to pay the use tax due when the application is cleared rather than when the registration fees are paid, no additional penalties accrue on the tax.
  • License plates and stickers are never issued on an RDF.
  • A Temporary Operating Permit (REG 19) is not issued, except as shown in Chapter 25.