Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 1: General Registration Information

1.120 Rush Title Processing (VC §9270)

A “rush title” is the expedited issuance of a California Certificate of Title for an additional fee.

An application will be processed within 72 hours (three business days, not including Saturday, Sunday, and holidays) when:

  • A “rush title” is requested.
  • A properly completed application for initial registration, transfer of ownership, or replacement title is received in the Special Processing Unit in DMV headquarters.
  • All fees due are paid.
  • There are no stops or conditions which will prevent issuance of the title.
  • A nonrefundable fee is paid for this service, in addition to all other fees due. Refer to Appendix 1F for fees.

Mail “rush titles” to:
Departamento de Vehículos Motorizados
Rush Title Processing, MS D825
2415 1st Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95818