Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 30: Inquiries

30.035 Chart 6-Type Transaction Codes (TTC)

Chapter 30 Inquiries

30.035 CHART 6-Type Transaction Codes (TTC)

A Type Transaction Code is a 3-position code assigned to each type of transaction processed through a DMVA device.

The clearing TTC is generally one number greater than its corresponding initial TTC.

Type Transaction Codes (TTC)

Initial TTCClearing TTCType Transaction
A00A01New Vehicle Report of Sale
A10A01Posting Fees-Original
B10B01Posting Fees-Nonresident
C00C01Miscellaneous Original
C10C11Revived Junk/Salvage-Original
*C21Junk-Original (Clearing for any previously RDFed or suspensed transaction which has become a revivable junk)
*C26Junk-Nonrevivable (Clearing for any previously RDFed or suspensed transaction which has become a nonrevivable junk.)
C30C31Salvage Certificate-Original
C40C41Nonrepairable Certificate-Original
E10E11Disabled Person Placard
E20E21Special Equipment-Original
F00F01Registered Owner Transfer
F10F11Legal Owner Transfer
G10G11Lien Sale
G20G21Non-Transferable Conversion
G30G31Withdraw From Service
G40G41Civil/Government Action
G45G46Civil/Government Action
G50N/ASchoolbus Temporary Commercial Registration
H00H01Stickers/Plates/Reg Cards/Renewal
H05H06Renewal/Reg Card Expedite
H10N/APosting Fees-Nonoriginal
I00N/APlanned Non Operation (PNO) Renewal
I05H01Billing Notice (POT) Renewal
J00J01Duplicate Certificate of Title
N00N01Salvage Certificate
N10N11Nonrepairable Certificate-Nonoriginal
N50N51Salvage Certificate/VLF Refund
POTN/ABilling Notice Renewal through Remittance