Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 5: Odometer Mileage Reporting

5.050 Replacement or Conversion of an Odometer (VC 28053)

An odometer may be serviced, repaired, or replaced, but must reflect the same mileage after the service, repair, or replacement as it did prior. However, if the odometer is incapable of registering the same mileage, the odometer must be
adjusted to zero miles, and a notice in writing must be attached to the left door frame of the vehicle by the person performing the service, repair, or replacement. The notice must specify the mileage prior to the service and the date on which the
service was completed.

The odometer disclosure for a vehicle that has had its odometer replaced or converted from kilometers to miles cannot reflect the “actual mileage” unless a Statement of Facts (REG 256) form from the party who replaced/converted the odometer with all of the following information is submitted with the application.

  • The date the odometer was replaced.
  • The kilometer reading at the time of replacement (old reading).
  • The mileage reading at the time of replacement (new reading).
  • The conversion ratio used to change kilometers into miles. The National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) has established the kilometer conversion to miles ratio at 62 percent. For example, to convert 10,000 kilometers to miles, multiply the kilometers by 62 percent (.62) = 6,200 actual miles.

The odometer mileage must be shown as “Not Actual Mileage” if a REG 256 is not or cannot be provided.