Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 10: Renewals

10.100 Owner Responsibility Citations on Record (VC §40002.1)

Registration renewal cannot be completed when the owner or lessee has unpaid owner responsibility citations (ORC) on record. All citations shown on the record must be cleared by the issuing agency before the renewal can be completed.

The following must be submitted:

  • Proof of ORC Clearance—which is an Abstract of Court Record Release Adjudication (DL 106R) form that the court issues to both the cited owner and DMV when it clears an ORC.
    • A DL 106R with Disposition Code “Z” in the “Judgment” area is not acceptable; the applicant must contact the issuing court to obtain a corrected DL 106R.
  • An ORC fee for each ORC.

The procedures below must be followed:

  • Compare the DL 106R with the ORC on record.
  • If there is a citation number discrepancy, you may contact the court to confirm the citation number for a discrepancy of one or two letters/numbers.
  • If the applicant claims their ORCs are cleared, you may contact the issuing agency to obtain the clearance information. In such cases:
  • Complete a REG256 with the name of the individual you spoke to, the disposition of the citation, and the conviction date.
  • Call the Registration Abstract Section (RAS) at (916) 657-5910 for instructions and/or removal of the ORC. ORCs can only be cleared by RAS at DMV headquarters.
  • Fax the DL 106R to RAS to remove the ORC.
  • Complete the renewal or other type of transaction as normal, once the ORC is removed from the record.

Renewal Notices—Renewal notices for vehicles with an ORC on record will include an “OWNER RESPONSIBILITY FEE” message, the amount due, and an insert listing each uncleared ORC by number, date of issuance, and name of issuing jurisdiction. Citation numbers on the renewal notice may have additional numbers or letters before or after the actual citation number.

Transfer, Junk, or Salvage Certificate Applications—The new owner is not responsible for the ORC citations. The ORC hold (VLT stop, RCC 48) will be deleted if the new owner’s name is different from the name on the abstract. However, if an ORC service fee was previously paid, or a DL 106R was submitted on a report of deposit of fees (RDF), the service fee is not refunded and a DL 106R must be part of the application. Send the paperwork to DMV headquarters for processing.