Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual

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Chapter 10: Renewals

10.110 Planned Nonoperation (PNO) Status (VC §4604)

The renewal fees for vehicles with PNO status must be paid on or prior to the date of first operation to avoid penalties.

Certificate of Nonoperation (CNO/ REG 102) Form Required—A CNO is required to renew the registration of:

  • A commercial motor vehicle on PNO status.
  • Any vehicle when evidence of use, such as a parking citation, is present. The date of first operation must be on or prior to the violation date on the citation.

Invalid PNO Filings—Registration stops, parking violations, transaction in process (TIP), and other record conditions may not allow filing of a PNO. Determination is based on the registration expiration dates, parking violation dates, stops, or record condition.

The procedures below must be followed:

  • If a CNO is not submitted:
    • Assume the current workdate is the date of first operation.
  • If a CNO is submitted:
    • Key the date of first operation indicated on the CNO.